Explanation of Michigan’s No-Fault Law

No-Fault Insurance is required by law in Michigan. Every owner of a car must buy certain basic coverages in order to get license plates. It is against the law to drive or let your car be driven without no-fault insurance. If you have an auto accident, no-fault insurance pays for your medical expenses, wage loss benefits, replacement services, and the damage you do to other people’s property. It does not matter who caused the accident.

The personal injury protection (PIP) portion of your policy will pay all reasonably necessary medical expenses with no maximum limit. It will also pay up to 85% of the income you would have earned if you had not been hurt, for up to three years. However, the amount that you would be paid for lost income is limited and the limit is revised annually. Effective 10/1/17, the maximum is $5,541 per month. In addition, you are entitled to up to $20 per day in replacement services. This is to pay for routine household services which injured persons are no longer able to provide for themselves or their families, such as housekeeping and yard work.

A no-fault policy covers all family members living in the same house. Personal injury protection benefits will be paid even when a family member is a passenger in another person’s car or is a pedestrian when an accident takes place. The personal injury protection coverage of your nofault policy also covers anyone who does not have a no-fault policy and is hurt as a passenger or pedestrian in an accident involving your car. It will also cover a motorcyclist who is hurt in an accident involving your car.

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